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Monuments are the most commonly seen memorials and can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Slants/bevels/flush markers are usually smaller then monuments and come in either single or companion sizes.

Bronze memorials are usually flush to the ground and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Community and private mausoleums are one of the oldest forms of burial known to man dating back to 353 BC. Queen Artmisia erected a large temple-like structure for the final resting-place of her late husband, King Mausolus. The word mausoleum is derived from his name. Today, King Mausolus' mausoleum is regarded as the fifth of the Seven Wonders of the World.

What is the importance of having a memorial?
Memorials are for the living. They provide a permanent place for those left behind to connect emotionally and spiritually with their loss. They provide an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to a person and make a statement about the impact the person has had on his or her family, community or even the world.

Why select a personalized memorial?
The selection of a personalized, permanent memorial allows those who have lost a loved one express their feelings in an intimate and loving way. Memorialists can permanently record some of the most intricate and personal detail imaginable through modern techniques such as diamond etching, technolase, which uses the sandblasting technique to create an intricate and highly detailed carving of scenery or personal portraits and photoportraiture, which permits actual photographs of loved ones to be reproduced in the granite.

Why granite?
Granite is a popular choice for any stone memorial because of its beauty, durability, strength and carving characteristics. People want choice, meaningful colors, service and quality when selecting a memorial for a loved one.